Plants for sale Oh sorry Flowers for sale!

So why don’t we see any high street plant shops instead they are full of flower shops! What is the difference between a flower and a plant anyway? A plant is in a pot and grows on your windowsill and flowers just appear in a vase on your mantel piece, right? Plants for sale anyone?

Flowers in vase ...magic!

Flowers in vase …magic Roses!

What if I said that a flower is a plant …confused?

Yes a flower is part of a plant and most plants produce flowers. When we use the word ‘flower’ we are referring to the plants that produce pretty flowers that are used as decorations. The ‘flower’ is the reproductive part of the plant. Nearly over with the botany lesson ….All plants have roots, stems, leaves, flowers or fruits, but yet not all plants flower.

So perhaps this is the reason that we see flowers for sale instead of plants for sale more often and more flower than plant shops…flowers are more attractive and have become renowned the world over as a perfect way to woo a woman or a good way to say I’m sorry! There is a flower for every occasion.


Weddings: Seasonal flowers.

Birthdays: seasonal flowers – but the birthday person’s favourite flower is the best idea.

Christmas:  Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, Amaryallis and not forgetting mistletoe!

Easter: Daffodil, Calla Lilly, Carnations and white roses.

Valentine’s Day: Red Roses.

Funerals: White carnations, white daisies.

Have you ever planted some flower bulbs, spring comes they flower look pretty winter comes and as one would expect they wither and die. Next year, nothing, what did I do wrong not one but all the bulbs I had planted –nothing. Yet in some parts of the garden, sometimes the worst part of the garden year on year up pop the same flowers. This is because some are annuals and some are perennials.

Learn all about annuals, perennials & flower bulbs in this great book.

Learn all about annuals, perennials & flower bulbs in this great book.

As you would expect annuals are plants that last one year, they grow from seeds, bloom or flower in one season and die – they need to be replaced each spring. Examples of annuals would be; Marigold, daisy, petunia and viola.

Perennials live more than two years. They flower year on year until they hit maturity which can be between 3 – 5 years. Perennials flower for shorter periods than annuals no longer than 5 weeks.


Perennials are not only the one of the most reliable ways of guaranteeing colour in your garden every summer but are cost effective too. All you need to do to keep your perennials healthy is cut them back down to ground level in the autumn and look forward to seeing them blooming again the following spring. Examples would be; Day lilies and Hostas.

I seemed to have opened a can of worms here on myself as I am writing this more things and questions are jumping into my mind. Another thing which I have to think about and I’m sure not a lot of people would be able to answer is:

Is a tree a plant?

The answer is yes it is – a tree is a woody plant with a stem or trunk. Then I ask myself well what are bamboo plants – bamboo is a plant also. Yikes. A tree really has a lot to do with size and dimensions and I suppose its shape. Shrubs or bushes have been called trees on occasion but in fact they are not either, as they have multiple stems and are much shorter in height. On a final note just to throw a spanner in the works a banana tree is not a tree at all in fact it is apparently the world’s largest herb!!

Plants for sale...come on in

Plants for sale…come on in!

I went off on a bit of a tangent there but swiftly reverting back to what I was writing about flowers and plants for sale and a florists store on the high street or buying flowers online automatically jumps into mind. I recently came across a unique and brilliant concept that I had never seen before and hopefully will see more of. A lot of people have and will continue to have a sort of cottage industry growing seeds to bloom into wonderful flowers in their own garden and then selling to make some extra income. To some this is the ideal job or hobby and make money from it, it won’t make you a fortune and can be quite seasonal.

Selling can take place in one’s own garden or at farmers markets or like the novel idea I saw in a communal allotment on a pick and pay basis.  It is marketed as a U Pick flower patch. This is basically an extension to the ladies garden where her overheads are low, she just needs to buy the seeds and plant them and give them some TLC. The public then wander around and if they see what they like they pick and you pay per stem. She had growing some lilies, daisies, pansies, zinnias, snapdragons, carnations and a few sunflowers. It is a novel and fresh idea and cutting your own flowers brings that added sense of satisfaction and will deffo keep me going back, it is a bit like going to pick the Christmas tree- you are in control.

wooden garden planter

Wooden garden planter – ideal for growing your seeds.

This has similarities to organic vegetable farms where you pick your own veg and pay by weight – this could have been where these all started from someone planting or having their own vegetable garden and expanding the business. I love it. I hope to see more of these popping up.

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